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To comply with Finance Minister Decree No. 125/PMK.01/2008, Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik Budi, Edy, Saptono & Rekan (KJPP BEST) was established in 2006, based on our competence with the same vision and passion to develop synergy.

Partners of KJPP BEST

BUDI SYAFAAT (Managing Partner)
B-1.09.00191, as Business Appraiser

Drs. Taufik Edy Purwoko
P-1.09.00160, as Asset Appraiser

H. Eddy Soenaeddy Surkat, M.Sc.
P-1.09.00248, as Asset Appraiser

Jeffry Ignasius Benyamin, S.T., S.E.
P-1.09.00225, as Asset Appraiser

Joseph Hutagalung, S.E.,
PS-1.16.00070, as Asset Appraiser

Anditauri Sundoro, S.T.
PS-1.16.00062, as Asset Appraiser

Suryani Siregar, S.T.P.
P-1.17.00470, as Asset Appraiser

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Business Valuation

90% 60% Complete

Property Appraisal

85% 60% Complete

Finance & Management Consulting Services

90% 60% Complete


* Share Valuation.
* Fairness Opinion.
* Tangible & Intangible Asset Valuation.
* Land & Building Appraisal.
* Machinery Appraisal (incl. airplane & vessel, oil & gas, petrochemical, IT and other high tech industry).
* The Highest & Best Use Study.
* Pre Investment Study & Feasibility Study.
* Business Plan & Info Memo.
* Project Fund Monitoring.

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