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To comply with Finance Minister Decree No. 125/PMK.01/2008, Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik Budi, Edy, Saptono Dan Rekan (KJPP BEST) was established in 2006, based on our competence with the same vision and passion to develop synergy.

Partners of KJPP BEST

BUDI SYAFAAT (Managing Partner)
B-1.09.00191, as Business Appraiser

Mohammat Latif, S.T.
PS-1.20.00289, as Asset Appraiser

H. Eddy Soenaeddy Surkat, M.Sc.
P-1.09.00248, as Asset Appraiser

Jeffry Ignasius Benyamin, S.T., S.E.
P-1.09.00225, as Asset Appraiser

Joseph Hutagalung, S.E.,
PS-1.16.00070, as Asset Appraiser

Anditauri Sundoro, S.T.
PS-1.16.00062, as Asset Appraiser

Suryani Siregar, S.T.P.
P-1.17.00470, as Asset Appraiser

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Business Valuation

90% 60% Complete

Property Appraisal

85% 60% Complete

Finance & Management Consulting Services

90% 60% Complete


* Share Valuation.
* Fairness Opinion.
* Tangible & Intangible Asset Valuation.
* Land & Building Appraisal.
* Machinery Appraisal (incl. airplane & vessel, oil & gas, petrochemical, IT and other high tech industry).
* The Highest & Best Use Study.
* Pre Investment Study & Feasibility Study.
* Business Plan & Info Memo.
* Project Fund Monitoring.

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